Credit card to cash in chennai

Credit card swiping – Benefits

Credit card to cash in Chennai

Firstly people who are earning Rs. 15,000/- and above can apply for credit card with any bank. Once it got approved, you will be receiving a credit card within 15 days of time from the date of apply. Sometimes, it may vary depends on the bank.

We consider that you are getting credit limit of Rs. 40.000/- it is the basic limit provided by the bank. You just start using the credit card for your routine expenses. You can spend at super markets, jewelers, medicals, Restaurants, Fuel purpose, etc., As soon as you start using this card, Kindly apply for new credit card with different bank. Post which, you will be started earning reward points on your credit card based on your purchase. For example, if you spend Rs. 150/- you will get 1 reward points. If you calculate for the total credit limit for one year, your points earned will be huge. You can redeem those points against cash bank or product available with respective bank.

Above is one of the benefits, you are not at all spending the money you earned. You are spending bank’s money. Secondly you are gaining reward points.

Thirdly you are getting 45 days credit free period where in you do not need pay immediately. what else do you want ? Just recap the benefit. you are getting some money from the bank. Using it for free of cost. You are earning reward points for the money you spent. You have enough time of 45 days to pay the money back to this credit card.

Again you can utilize the money that you have accumulated in the credit card. Like wise, you can manage your family expenses. Make use of this opportunity from the bank and get benefited. In Chennai, there are lots of IT professional have the ability to avail credit card from bank.

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